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Jessica has the most awesome friends, I mean they really care about her and wouldn’t dream of letting her start her new life as a married woman without a final wild reminder of what she is giving up. Yep, no more cocks for Jessica, to be honest tho, the way this blonde beauty obviously loves dick im not sure she’s gonna be able to give up sucking on random guys cocks very easy. Oh well, good luck to the guy thats marrying her, all we is know is that all the girls had a great time and our boys sure did too as you can see on this dancing bear video clip.

Theres some really hot girls at this party and after a few toasts and glasses of champagne they were already worked up when all the male strippers arrived and it didnt take long before one of the sexy women broke the ice and started sucking on some stripper cock. Then it was a total free for all with no mouth left without a hard penis throat tickle! A wild bachelorette party during the day with gorgeous cock worshiping girls sucking strange stripper cocks and getting facials! And we get paid to do this!!!


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Wow this party really had it all going on! It was college night for ladies only and the nightclub was absolutely packed with an endless stream of hot young ladies who pumped up and couldn’t wait for a night of fun, they were so loud and excited at the chance of getting hands on with the dancing bear male strip group that i thought they would burst. Our black stripper dynamo really was a hit with some of the ladies who literally jumped on him, totally losing themselves in their horny and excited state!


It ended up being a blowjob frenzy and to add to the fun we set up a competition where 2 girls had to lick off whipped cream from the male strippers nude bodies. Some more blowjob fun as the guys made their way around the room making sure no poor girls mouth was left without cock and then one of the girls was just teased a little too much and took off her panties and begged to get fucked on the couch! With her friends crowding around her she had her pussy satisfied while her crazy friends clap and cheer their approval! Unbelieveable




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This would have to be the biggest party ive ever seen the dancing bear and his male strippers perform at with what must be about 70 cock obsessed women all screaming and competing with each other to give our guys blowjobs and play with their goodies. Seriously ive never seen anything like it and the wild cfnm party soon turned into a massive cock sucking cum fest with numerous girls getting blasted right in their faces much to the delight of their friends watching on and cheering!

One of the girls is determined to be the one to make one of the strippers cum and sucks as hard as she can before getting a great oral creampie right in her mouth! Totally amazing how quickly good girls can turn bad when a bunch of cocks are waving about their faces just inviting them to suck on. The women really had a fantastic time and for our strippers shooting their loads all over pretty faces is all just part of the job… thats some job eh!!

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Fuck, these guys just have the best job ever and today they’re earning their money at another bachelorette party and the theme for tonight is cowgirls. This is a cool dancing bear clip with a bunch of wild and drunk women all dressed up as sexy cowgirls cutting loose with our male strippers getting all hands on and sucking on some stripper cock. The bride to be is in full party mode and laughs as she sucks off some whipped cream from a hard strippers cock with all her friends partying with each other and cheering her on.. so many hot babes in this dancing bear cfnm video, its definitely a keeper to watch more than once!

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Now this party was fun and definitely one of the boys favourites and watching the amacing footage of the show its pretty easy to see why with a packed room full of really cute and crazy colege girls all ready to party with our naked male strippers. They’d heard about the dancing bear and were all set for a show of naked penises and wow did they ever show their appreciation! All the girls got down and dirty dancing with our guys and as they they circled the room giving each one a chance to have a suck on their cocks they college babes just went nuts!

there was one in particular who was desperate to be the one to make the dancing bear cum and she shocked the whole gang by jerking him off on to a plate of chocolate cake and then took a big spoonful in her mouth and enjoyed some cum covered desert! You can see by the amazed and shocked look on some of her sorority sisters faces that they certainly were not expecting that. We really made some lifelong fans today and at the end of the show they pestered us for out autographs! :)

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Oh goodness me, talk about women behaving badly. The bride to be is a little drunk and out of control at her own hens party and her friends never thought when they hired the dancing bear strippers that things would end up like this. Well a bunch of fit naked men flashing and dangling their cocks about the room can have that effect on some women and in this awesome dancing bear clip our bachelorette spends her last night as a single women by sucking of the bear himself! Do her friends restrain her and quieten her down?? hell no, in fact her best friend here merely holds her hair as she gives head to the dancing bear and looks on in amazement waiting for her own turn to take our strippers cock in her mouth! Unbelieveable!!!

Women going absolutely nuts over our guys, giving handjobs and blowjobs and even getting fucked in front of everyone in the room is all just part of a days work for these guys who’ve seen this sort of cfnm action all before.. You almost have to feel sorry for the poor groom waiting at home as his angel goes wild and feasts on stripper dick! well… almost ;)

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Kendra is one lucky girl and its not because shes about to get married in a couple of days but because her friends are so thoughtful and considerate and really wanted to send her off from the single life with a bang. The girls lead stuffy lives as secretaries and school teachers and they wanted their night to be really wild so when they booked the dancing bear they said they wanted the full service show. Actually we had no idea what that meant but the guys were certainly planing on giving their all for the girls.

The ladies went totally wild and certainly got the full service with blowjobs galore and Sebastion even got to fuck one horny wild tart who took a fancy to to him in the back room while the rest of the boys partied with the main group! Kendras really gorgeous best friend showed her appreciation for the strippers efforts by sucking off one of the boys cocks and even let him cum on her face! There was certainly no holding back with this group of cock crazy ladies and of course we got it all on video :)

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Its a male stripper review at a bar that the dancing bear has been booked for and its pretty hardcore believe me! The room was packed with horny women eagerly waiting for the dancing bear and when the boys came out in their costumes, and the lights dimmed the girls literally competed with each other for the attention of our male strippers! Just what is it about a guy wearing a funny bear suit that send these women so wild!

Of course with a little alchohol in them the girls loosen up but these ladies are sure not unique, deep down all ladies love cock but they just dont get a chance to show it so when the only males in the room are completely naked and all the girls are fully clothed they have the power and feel free to behave however they wish and with their friends cheering them on the ladies let the horny slut in them loose! Sucking cock, giving handjobs, grabbing ass and much more, anything goes in this incredible dancing bear clip that has to be seen to be believed!

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Its Jessica’s birthday and her kind friends at the office have all chipped in to make it extra special for her. What better way for a girl to celebrate the occasion than to get some strippers in to the workplace for a fully naked male strip show! They’ve managed to keep the secret hidden from her so when one of our boys enters the office dressed as a delivery boy she never even suspects the special package he has just for her!

This is one horny dancing bear clip and the professional working girls seem a little shy at first once the music starts playing and the male stripper dicks start swinging we get to watch the cock loving slut in them come to the surface as one by one they they get a feel of a hard penis. Once one girl takes it in her mouth its a free for all and the wild office sluts take turns giving blowjobs to all the boys and the birthday girls gets her birthday wish with a face full of stripper cum much to her coworkers delight! This is totally fucking awesome!!!

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It’s Lana last day as a single women and boy does this girl make the most of it with a night of total debauchery. But shes not alone and her excited girlfriends join in the fun with a group of hired male strippers. If youve never seen the dancing bear in action before you just gotta see this, its all real with real horny women, drunk sluts and frisky cock crazy girls. CFNM at its finest in these dancing bear clips and videos and after watching you’ll never let your girlfriend out with her friends for a girls night out again.. you just never know what sort of action that may take place.